About Rowan

Meet Rowan - a 12 year old keyboard and guitarist. He is a huge fan of the Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, the Pink Floyd/Roger Waters, The Who, Genesis, Phish, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, the Jefferson Airplane/Starship, Green Day, and many more! Rowan was self taught for the first year of his musical journey, starting out on drums at age 5. Then after teaching himself guitar he began guitar lessons for 2 years with Ray Ippolito. About 2 years ago he was given a piano and took off running. He began working with David Budway and continues studying jazz piano with Luciano Salvatore. Rowan had his first official gig at Maureen's jazz cellar in Nyack NY on Grateful Dead night where he played a solo piano set of Grateful Dead songs. He has played many  local gigs as well as sitting in with a ton of his musician friends on stage. Rowan enjoys transcribing albums and making them his own. He also loves music history and probably knows more about the bands that he loves than even they do! Follow along with us on his journey as he grows as a musician and shares blog posts about all the music he loves!